Thomas Pury 1589/90-1666

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Thomas PURY 1589/90-1666

Biographical Note

Born in Gloucester, son of Walter Pury, clothier. He is thought to have studied at Oxford, without graduating, then developed a business as a clothier and attorney in Gloucester. He became sheriff of Gloucester in 1626, an alderman in 1638, MP in 1640, and a leading figure in the parliamentarian cause in the Civil War. In London in the late 1640s, he was clerk of the petty bag there before returning to Gloucester, where he was mayor and MP again in the 1650s. he retired from public life there after the Restoration.


Pury helped refound Gloucester Cathedral Library in the 1640s, and gave £145 and “many books”. In his will, he left his books, together with his bed linen and other household stuff, to his wife Mary; the extent of his library is not known. Examples: Tyntesfield House XII.5.1.

Characteristic Markings

Inscription of Thomas Pury (Tyntesfield House XII.5.1)

A book of his at Tyntesfield is inscribed "Ex libris "Tho: Pury" on the flyleaf and titlepage.