Robert Sheppard d.1698?

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Robert SHEPPARD d.1698?

Biographical Note

Sheppard has not been identified, but may be the Robert Sheppard esq. who was buried at Great Rollright, Oxfordshire in September 1698, and whose will was proved in February 1698/9. If so his will, which makes no mention of books, and the residue of his estate (which may have included his library) was left to his widow and executrix, Elizabeth Sheppard. This Robert's uncle was Fleetwood Sheppard, a favourite of Charles II.


The books of "Robert Sheppard Esq; an eminent counsellor, and a learned Physician, both lately deceased", were sold by retail sale in London, beginning 23 February 1720. No catalogue survives, but the sale was advertised in the Daily Post and Post Boy as "consisting of a very valuable collection of common and statute law, physick, surgery, mathematicks, voyages, travels, books of antiquity, medals, divinity, history, lives, poetry, architecture, &c, in English, Latin, Italian, French, and Spanish, &c. with several law and other manuscripts, in folio, quarto and octavo".