John Hopkinson 1610-1680

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John HOPKINSON 1610-1680

Biographical Note

Born at Lofthouse, Yorkshire, son of George Hopkinson. He was a student at Lincoln's Inn before the civil War, where he met other lawyers with developing antiquarian interests, including Matthew Hale and Samuel Roper. He inherited the family estates in Lofthouse ca.1650. He acted as a deputy to William Ryley, Norroy King of Arms during the 1650s and became deputy clerk of the peace for Yorkshire after the Restoration.


Hopkinson accumulated extensive manuscript collections relating to Yorkshire, of which 80 volumes remained in family ownership in 1815. The extent of his printed book holdings is not known, but examples with his inscription are recorded in various libraries. Examples: Senate House Library, W. Ralegh, The life and death of Mahomet, 1637.

Hopkinson's inscription, from a copy of G. Minadoi, The history of the warres betweene the Turkes and the Persians, 1595, Princeton University Library 2014-1001N