John Cooke 1666-1710

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Sir John COOKE 1666-1710

Biographical Note

Born in London, son of John Cooke, surveyor of the customs. Matriculated at St John's College, Oxford 1684, but interrupted his studies to serve in Ireland for William III at the battle of the Boyne; BCL 1691, DCL 1694. Advocate of the Court of Arches, and a member of Doctors' Commons, 1694. Knighted 1701, and appointed advocate-general. Dean of the Arches, and vicar-general to Archbishop Thomas Tenison, 1703. Clerk of the pipe, at the exchequer, 1706.


Part of Cooke's library – we do not know how large a proportion – was sold by retail sale in London soon after his death, beginning 4 December 1710. No catalogue survives but the sale was advertised in The Daily Courant.

Characteristic Markings

None of Cooke's books have been identified.