Stephen Apthorp 1710-1790

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Stephen APTHORP or APTHORPE 1710-1790

Apthorp's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection 642)

Biographical Note

Born in Cambridge. Fellow of King's College, Cambridge 1732, BA 1733, MA 1736, DD 1749. He was foe many years a schoolmaster and fellow of Eton College for many years; he also held various parochial livings, including being vicar of Burnham, Buckinghamshire 1759-74, and rector of Worplesdon, Surrey 1774-90. He was a half-brother of the antiquary William Cole, with whom he travelled on the continent in the 1730s.


Apthorp used an engraved armorial bookplate, made when he was a fellow of King's College (Franks 642).The extent of his library is not known; his will has no mention of books (many of his goods and personal effects were left to his maidservant Hannah Lockwood.)