David Erskine 1742-1829

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David ERSKINE, 11th Earl of Buchan, 1742-1829

Biographical Note

Son of Henry David Erskine, 10th Earl of Buchan (1710-1767). He was educated at home and then at St Andrews, Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities. He had a long-standing interest in political reform and in Scottish antiquarianism. His friends included John Wilkes and Benjamin Franklin. He was a keen sponsor of the arts and scholarship.


Used an engraved bookplate:

Franks 9918 (Erskine), The Right Honourable David S., Earl of Buchan, Lord Auchterhouse and Cardross, &c. (David Stewart, 11th Earl of Buchan, succeeded 1767; died 1829. The plate of the 9th Earl with inscription altered.