William Cullen 1710-1790

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William CULLEN 1710-1790

Biographical Note

William Cullen was born outside of Glasgow in 1710 and studied at the University of Glasgow in 1726. He pursued a career in medicine, apprenticing with apothecaries in Glasgow and London, and served as surgeon on a ship bound for the West Indies. Following the death of his father and brother, he returned to Scotland, eventually earning his MD from University of Glasgow.

In 1741, he married Anna Johnstone (d. 1786) and took a post as a lecturer at University of Glasgow. In 1755, he was installed as chair in chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, alongside Andrew Plummer. He later was appointed as chair in the practice of medicine at Edinburgh, and continued to teach and run a successful private practice until shortly before his death in 1790.


A catalogue of Cullen's books from 1792 lists 3765 titles, mostly consisting of medical books from the 17th- and 18th-centuries. The collection also contains some 16th-century books and one incunabulum [lot 3206]. His books were sold at auction in Edinburgh.

Bookplate of William Cullen, M.D. [Franks 7526] as found in the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh M 1.33

Notable selection:

Hippocratis' Opera (Aldine Press, Venice, 1526) [lot 1467]


Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh M 1.33

Characteristic Markings

Franks 7526: "Cullen, William, M.D."; bookpile pictorial


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