William Brereton 1601-1680

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William BRERETON, 3rd Baron Brereton 1631-1680

Biographical Note

Son of William Brereton, 2nd Baron Brereton, from whom he inherited the title and family estates in 1664. He was educated in The Netherlands where he studied mathematics with John Pell. MP for Newton, Lancashire in 1658, and for Bossiney in 1660. He was actively interested in the scientific culture of his time, was a founder member of the Royal Society, and was a friend of Samuel Hartlib, whose papers he bought after his death. Samuel Pepys, among others, noted his skills as a musician.


Brereton's library was auctioned in London, 8.6.1697; the sale catalogue contains 1051 lots, divided only by language (Latin books, 759 lots, English, 273, plus 19 "libri omissi").

Characteristic Markings

None of Brereton's books have been identified.