Walter Mills 1654-1726

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Walter MILLS 1654-1726

Biographical Note

Baptised at Great St Bartholomew's, London in 1656. Attended Charterhouse school before matriculating at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge where he took MB 1675 and MD 1680. Became a physician and was elected fellow of the Royal Society in 1682. In 1686 Mills sponsored an engraving in Willughby's De Historia Piscum. At the time of his death he was living in St Brides, London. In his will he requested to be buried at Chigwell near his parents.


In his will Mills says he has "directed my study of books to be sold and my notes and collections made from my own reading either in my own faculty or otherwise to be destroyed now on further consideration I do give unto my said brother all my said study of books together with my said notes and collections to be by him disposed of as he shall think fitt". Mills' books were sold by retail sale in London beginning 9 June 1726. The sale was advertised in the Daily Post and the Daily Journal. Two versions of the catalogue seem to have been printed with slightly different titles.


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