Walter Dalgleish 1609-1659

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Walter DALGLEISH 1609-1659

Biographical Note

In 1609, Dalgleish was born in Dunfermline to James Dalgleish, master of the Dunfermline Grammar School, and Janet Micklejohn. He received a legal education and served as notary public, working for Colin Campbell of Glenorchy. In 1640, he became Clerk to the Dunfermline Regality Court and was elected as a member of the Dunfermline Kirk Session in 1642.

He was married to Marie Home and died in 1659.


The full extent of Dalgleish's library and details of its disposition are unknown, but a contemporary list from 1652 inventories 157 titles belonging to him. This list can be found as a flyleaf in NLS MS 9484. Subjects of the books include theology, history, politics, and religion.

Inscription of Walter Dalgleish (NLS H.31.a.7)

Notable selections from the list:

Knox's History of the Reformation [no date]

Buchanan's De jure regni apud Scotos [no date]

Examples: National Library Scotland H.31.a.7

Characteristic Markings

NLS H.31.a.7 bears the inscription: 'Liber Walteri Dalgleishis 21 Aprilis 1656'.