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To check for Henry Molle: Balliol XXX

Add examples for Philip Bacon

Ralph Widdrington: [Annotations? no, but more exx need to be seen to check].

Thomas Allen: [need to see pr books, and include more evidence from mss in Bodley]

Edward Bernard: [“A full account of the purchase of the collection exists in ms … among the Library registers – Macray – more details of this needed]

John Fitzwilliam: XXX books received by Magdalen College

Ray: [CUL SSS.39.22?]

Bagge: XX volumes were received.

Ralegh: [?CUL L*.9.4(B) – check]

Eliot: (from a total estate valuation of £XXX)

Carey, T: [need image from CUL book]

Combe, F: [need to investigate in Sidney and Trinity][What about Trinity? Are they listed in the donors’ book?] [?Size of collection overall]., Oxford XXXX

Archer, S.: [anything that can be gleaned from mss?]

Digby: and bodleian mss. xxxx. mss ref no? mss Digby 1-xxx

Oxinden: [More info needed, based on inspection].

Brett: [need to find out more at Gloucester].

Henley: [any other markings?]

Lygon:[to investigate]

Browne: [?anything in the archives at BL?][exx in BL at Eve];[did he inscribe/annotate books? Ref in sale cat to occasional “RB” initials on tps. Need to look at examples].

Whorwood: [need to check PROB 5/5275 at TNA – are they actually listed?]

Knatchbull: [need to find other exx]

Pakington: [CUL Syn.8.53.9 has John Packington insc, investigate]

Pury: [there is a book at Tyntesfield with the insc of Tho: Pury – is this the father, or the son? Are there inscribed books at Gloucester?]

More: – [this needs investigation]

Cambell: [need to see NAL book; other is at Parham]

Savage: characteristic markings [“Thomas Savage 1634” in Peterboro Cath F.5.80 presumably too early?]

Barker: Characteristic markings: [none of Barker's books have been traced?]

Barneby: Characteristic markings: None of Barneby’s books have been identified.

Willis: [Need to see the sale cat – only copy is in Emmanuel – for any clues]

Francklin: (a reference to the ongoing difficulties of the estate he inherited, or a reference to personal extravagance?).

Codrington: [elaborate after some fieldwork].

Cherry: [Did he write in his books? Not in NAL one.]

Meres: [image on bookplate needed]

Butler: [what about the books? Need to investigate] [any books in Clare?]

Inglett: [need to see will in Devon RO]

Paddy: [More investigation needed – need to look across a representative sample of his books for more info on inscription, binding, etc].

Harvey: [need to look at surviving books]

Webster: [check CUL Dd*.3.43(1). Elmer p.16, fn 49, suggests that Webster inscribed his books “Johannes Hyphantes”][?but need to be sure it really is 1680 not 1660]

Croone: [Need to check with RCP if we know how many books they got; there is one in the catalogue today apparently from him. Ditto Emmanuel] [needs to be checked at RCP and Emmanuel]

Pye, Robert: [?TNA lists probate inventories for the elder Sir Robert, shd be investigated at Kew]

All Bankes: ?BL 1492.dd.29 – John Bankes?

Lister: cteristic markings: [need to investigate in Bodleian]

Creed: bequest to Oxford: ca. xxx books were received [need to check in Corpus]. Characteristic Markings: [need to investigate further]

Tyson: ?books in RCP and Royal Society? to be investigated

Hooker: theologia mystica: [?the work of John Pordage, or that of Edward Stephens]

John Lawson: Books and characteristic markings: [Some analysis of the content of the books needed – ref to Sion Benefactors'] Book. Examples: Lambeth Palace Library xxxxxxxx [need to see exx in Lambeth]

Montagu, C. the catalogue [xxxxxxxxxxx details needed; just Charles's books?]

Brydges: characteristic markings [can any of his books be traced?]

R. Spencer: Characteristic markings [need to see more exx]

H. Howard: characteristic markings: [?Inscriptions? need to see some exx]

Ducie: [size needed]->of auction

R. Sackville: armorial stamps (even though these have late 16th or early 17th-century imprints). [NEED TO CHECK MORE TO BE SURE THEY ARE ALL MID 17TH]

E. Hyde: [inscriptions?]

J. Scudamore: [need to check out the books at Folger]

Julius Caesar: Characteristic Markings [evidence required]

R. Ashley: characteristic markings [this needs to be investigated at Middle Temple]

Littleton: Characteristic Markings [need to look at CLE PP8]

Selden, J. amount in Bodleian: xxxxxxxx characteristic markings: with [his name??][images needed here]

E. Gwynn: [Did he annotate his books in any identifiable way? Needs to be investigated][NB also Harl MSS]

M. Hale: ====Characteristic Markings==== [to be investigated]

G. Ent: Examples: [need to track any surviving at Royal Society]. Characteristic markings: [need to see any surviving examples]

Bernard, F.: [need to see more to check this]

Atkyns: the catalogue [need to see: BL 821.e.4(4)]

Holt: [only surviving copy of catalogue is in Grolier Club, *05.42.1688.0402: needs to be seen]

Alured: donor's book : [?in YML? Need to see and cite].

Farrington, J: in books: No catalogue survives for the former but that for the latter lists xxxx????

T. Weld: [need to see etc]

John Horsham: [need to see will, in Devon RO]

Henry Raymond: [Will proved at Birmingham, need to see]

T. Larkham: [Need to see the will, in Devon RO]

R. Sherborn: [Will proved in York, need to see]

H. Saunders: [Will proved at Exeter; need to see]

N. Barton: [Will proved at Birmingham, need to see]

T. Holland: [Will proved at Chester, need to see].

T. Pyke: [Will proved at Chester, need to see].

B. Ashwood: [more details needed – transcript of will in Dr Williams Lib ms 38.59,40]

G. Hickes: [need to see will/inventory, in Devon RO]

T. Gale: ====Characteristic Markings==== [any still at Harvard? Houghton Lib NC5 W9898 597daa, C. Wytfliet, Descriptionis Ptolemaicae, 1603, has insc "T Gale"]

R. Button: ====Characteristic Markings==== ???

O. Stockton: [Not clear how many books went to Caius, and on what basis books were taken for the sale – needs investigation]. Characteristic markings: ??? [M.1.19 signed “Ow. Stockton”]

T. Staniforth: [Will proved at Birmingham, need to see]

J. Scholes: [Will proved at Chester, need to see]

J. Bingham: [Will proved at Birmingham – admon – need to see]

A. Palmer: [Will proved at Exeter, need to see]

S. Martyn: (some of the books may have been inherited from his father?). [Will proved at Exeter, need to see]

S. Annesley: ====Characteristic Markings==== [need to see Bible magna, Paris 1644, Magdalen Coll Oxf, with Annesley’s inscription, bought from Thomason, 1649]

W. Bates: Characteristic markings: [need to investigate at Dr W’s Library][How many books were Bates’s? ca 6000 vols given by Williams. Needs investigation].

D. Shelmerdine: [Will proved at Birmingham; need to see]

V. Alsop:

[DNB refers to his will – not found in PCC online, where is it?]

S. Watkins: [Need to see his will – “sentence” – in PCC]

Robert Fogge. [Need to see will, proved at Chester]

S. Wright: [Will proved at Birmingham, need to see]

M. Briscoe: [Will proved at Chester, need to see]

G. Day: [need to see will: PCC admon 1697/8?]

C. Sagar: [Will proved at Chester, need to see]

R. Adams: [His own, or specially purchased? Need to see if anything can be found out about these]

R. Bainbrigg: Examples: [Newcastle UL …]Characteristic markings: [seldom inscribed his books? Bainbrigg books in Ker supplement not noted as his]

R. Birley: [Birley – again, image needed]

R. Busby: [need to look at books at the School, as well as Wells].

T. Hayne: Examples: [need to explore in Leicester]

R. Brooke: ====Characteristic Markings==== [do any of his mss have his inscription?]

E. Ashmole: [and price paid? Need to investigate this properly][again, check].

R. Bancroft: inscriptions [chk – is this true??]

T. Neville: [need to investigate in TCC].

M. Honywood: [?? This needs checking]

G. Hickes: Characteristic markings: [do Hickes Harl mss have inscs? Can any other Hickes books be found?]

T. Camber: Characteristic markings: [need to investigate]

J. Florio: [can any be traced?]

I. Walton: [images needed]

A. Agarde: [other BL mss, etc]

Le Squyer: [?what happened to his books? Need to investigate will].

G. Carteret: ; [need to see other books]

H. Oldfield: Characteristic markings: [need to investigate at Salford]

Thomas Alured: Characteristic Markings: [do any of the Beverley PL books in YML have Alured provenance?]

J. Eccleshall: [Need to see will, proved at Birmingham]

Sir John Eliot: (from a total estate valued at £XXXX)

R. Harrison: [Need to see his will, apparently proved locally]

W. Sill: [need to check his will, proved in PCC 7.7.1687]

C. Sankey: ca.XXX volumes survive there today [needs checking, together with some note on the contents: theology, history, etc]. Characteristic markings: [needs investigating in Shrewsbury]

Humfrey Smith: ca. 530 books were given to Exeter Cathedral Library, [listed in the donors' book? Subject content etc? need to expand based on visiting]. Examples: ???? in Exeter. Characteristic Markings: [need to investigate at Exeter]

Edward Herbert: [?is JM’s stamp 1 really EH? Did he annotate his books? – need to look at exx in Jesus]

John Morris d.1658: [images needed]

Sir Will. Brereton: [Need to look at exx for any other markings]

Pepys: [to what extent did Pepys write in/inscribe his books? Needs investigation].

William Paddy: 1602 [?exact date – sources vary

Thomas Sanderson: [??? are the books in Lincoln's Inn?]

Thomas Manton: [?exact stipulation made in will needs to be checked]

William Bagshaw: [Will proved at Lichfield/Birmingham, need to see].

Edward & Francis Goddard: [need to see NAL book, does it have ?shelfmark at end?]

William Browne: [images needed]

Alexander Cooke: (manuscript collections, notes, sermons?) (which Alexander may have inherited?)