Thomas Wharton

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Thomas WHARTON, 1st Marquess of Wharton 1648-1715

The larger of Thomas Wharton's bookplates (British Museum Franks Collection *25)

Biographical Note

Eldest surviving son of Philip Wharton, 4th Baron Wharton. His family's nonconformist background prevented his attending university, and he was educated at home, and via European travel. MP for Wendover 1673, for Buckinghamshire 1679-96; he held various other local administrative offices and succeeded his father as 5th Baron Wharton in 1696. He came into political favour under William III and played a significant role in national life and politics thereafter; he was made Earl of Wharton in 1705, and Marquess in 1715. He was noted for his cultural interests, and for his interests in horseracing.


Wharton used two engraved armorial bookplates, the smaller one dated 1705 (Franks *25, *26); the extent and disposition of his library is not known.


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