Thomas Bell d.1723

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Thomas BELL d.1723

Biographical Note

Described by his will as a clerk of St Andrews Holborn.


Bell's will outlines that his books should be sold alongside his other household goods, with the exception of his "large folio bible and common prayer book", which he bequeaths to Rev. Mr Henry Gandy and Rev. Mr Nathaniel Spinkes. Gandy was also to receive his collection of "pamphlets published before and since the revolution" and the majority of his manuscripts. To his brother, David Bell, he bequeathed all of his manuscripts relating to sermons. To a Mrs Wagstaffe, widow, he bequeathed a copy of Doctor Taylor's Life of Christ, which was already in her possession.

The retail sale began in London on 1 April 1724 and was listed in the Daily Courant and other newspapers. The advertisements describe the sale as "consisting of a valuable collection of Books in several faculties and sciences, divinity, history, travels, classicks... in English, Latin, Greek and Hebrew, with some MSS on vellum illuminated... together with several MSS sermons fairly written".