Samuel Pomfret 1650?-1722

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Samuel POMFRET 1650?-1722

Biographical Note

Born at Coventry and apparently educated at Cambridge (though not recorded in the records there); he later attended the nonconformist academy of Ralph Button at Islington. He was chaplain to Sir William Dyer in the 1670s before becoming a presbyterian minister at Sandwich, Kent around 1677. He was imprisoned, but escaped, in the early 1680s and after some years of itinerant preaching he became minister to congregations at Winchester Street, London and in Houndsditch. He was popular, and noted for his piety and Calvinist principles.


Pomfret's books were sold by retail sale in London, beginning 7 December 1730, along with those of his friend and fellow nonconformist minister Thomas Reynolds. No catalogue survives, but the sale was advertised in the Daily Journal and Daily Post.