Samuel Annesley 1620-1696

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Samuel ANNESLEY 1620-1696

Biographical Note

Born at Haseley, Warwickshire, son of John Annesley. BA Queen’s College, Oxford 1639, DCL 1648. Lecturer at Chatham, Kent 1642; incumbent at Cliffe from at least 1644-52; chaplain to the earl of Warwick 1648. Possibly held a London living during the Interregnum; lecturer at St Paul’s Cathedral, 1657-59, Vicar of St Giles Cripplegate 1658. Ejected in 1662, he continued to live and preach in London as an independent minister. He published a number of sermons and was respected as a preacher and a sincere representative of his brand of religious conscience.


Annesley’s library was sold by auction in London by Edward Millington, 18 March 1697. The sale catalogue includes 1256 lots plus 101 volumes of “all sorts of pamphlets”, divided into Latin theology (367), Latin miscellaneous (194), English theology (470), English miscellaneous (155) and Stitched book (70).