Robert More 1671-1727

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Robert MORE 1671-1727

Biographical Note

Son of Robert More, of London, writing master. His education is not recorded but he was probably trained by his father to follow in the same profession; he opened a boarding school in Leicester Fields in the 1690s, advertising the teaching of "writing in all the hands". In 1704 he took over a school in St Paul's Churchyard, and subsequently moved his base to other schools which he opened in London. He published a number of successful writing manuals and copy books.


More's "curious collection of scarce and valuable copy-books, foreign and English, and his manuscripts of the best authors ... with divers curiosities of penmanship" was auctioned in London, beginning 1 March 1726. No catalogue survives, but the sale was advertised in the Daily Courant, noting that More was disposing of the books (shortly before his death) "at the desire of several gentlemen of the profession".