Peter Chaplain fl.1495-1551

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Peter CHAPLAIN fl.1495-1551

Biographical Note

Student of St Andrews in 1495. Canon of St Salvator’s College, St Andrews, as well as regent in Pedagogy, Professor of Theology, and Provost from 1550.


He left all the major works in his possession to the library of St Salvators, St Andrews, as well as the lecterns on which his books had been lying. However, according to John Durkan, nothing of his gift remains. His library was arranged under 5 main headings:: biblical, law, subject:theological, historical and subject::cases of conscience]]. The smaller books in his library were sold by his executors, though some were kept by them. One of his executors, Alexander Anderson, kept Sermonum dominicalium totius anni… (Paris, 1534) (Aberdeen UL pi 2526 Pep d). Aberdeen also holds Chaplain’s copy of the Franciscan Nicolaus Ferber’s Enarrationes Enarrationes Evangeliorum... (Antwerp, 1533), gifted to the Franciscan John Tullidaff (Aberdeen UL pi 226 Her).

Characteristic Markings

His copy of Sermonum dominicalium totius anni… is inscribed“Petrus Chaplane”


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