Peter Allix 1641-1717

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Peter ALLIX 1641-1717

Biographical Note

Son of Pierre Allix, pastor of the reformed church at Alencon, Normandy. After developing a successful career and reputation in the French Huguenot church, he fled to London in 1685 where he became rector of the newly-established French church in Jewin Street, Aldersgate. He was well-connected with the hierarchy of the Church of England and British scholarly networks, and soon began publishing doctrinal works in English. He was made a DD of Cambridge in 1689 and the following year became treasurer of Salisbury Cathedral. He actually spent most of the rest of his life in London, producing numerous theological works but not completing a grander project on the councils of the Gallican Church.


Allix's books were sent to England at the time of his move in 1685. In his will, he bequeathed his manuscripts to his eldest son Peter, "to make use of as I have mencio[n]ed". His will has no other mention of books; most of his estate was left to his wife. His library, "a large collection in most languages and faculties", was sold by retail sale in London, beginning 18 June 1717.