Patrick Lyon fl.1710-1716

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Patrick LYON fl.1710-1716

Biographical Note

Details of Patrick Lyon’s early life are unknown, though his use of the title “Master” points a university education (potentially Edinburgh, where two men named “Patrick Lyon” graduated in 1694). Lyon was elected Master of the Grammar school by the town council of Dundee in July 1710. In September 1713, Lyon was admitted a burgess and brother of the Guild of Dundee. As both Master of the Grammar School and a burgess, Lyon was required to take the Confession of Faith of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, and to subscribe to an assurance which supported William and Mary as the rightful monarchs. Though Lyon took the oaths and subscriptions required of him, he clearly had Jacobite and nonjuring sympathies. On 1st May 1716 he was deposed from his office for “teaching his scholars a Catechism never allowed of nor approve by said Church, “ “deserting the Communion” of the Church of Scotland and encouraging the youth to do so, and joining a nonjuring communion who prayed for “the Pretender under the title of King James the Eight.” (The Burgh Records of Dundee, 1st May 1716)


Only one book survives from Lyon’s library, Nicolas Lloyd’s edition of Charles’ Estienne’s Dictionarium historicum, geographicum, poeticum (London, 1586). The book is inscribed by both Lyon and his wife “Isbell Lyon.” It is preserved at the High School of Dundee.

Characteristic Markings

Dictionarium historicum is inscribed “Master Patrick Lyon.”

Inscription of Patrick & Isbell Lyon (High School of Dundee)


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