Patrick Drummond ca.1550-1602

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Patrick DRUMMOND, 3rd Lord Drummond, ca.1550-1602

Biographical Note

Born in Perthshire, he was the eldest son of David Drummond and Lilias Ruthven. He succeeded to the title the 3rd Lord Drummond in 1571. Patrick married Elizabeth Lindsay, daughter of David Lindsay of Edzell, 9th Earl of Crawfurd, and had two sons and five daughters. Their eldest son James Drummond, the 4th Lord Drummond and 1st Earl of Perth. d.(1611) died without a male heir, and was succeeded by his brother John Drummond, 2nd Earl of Perth d.(1662). Patrick was protestant, and spent some time in France. There is little secondary literature about his life.


The full extent and disposition of Patrick’s library is unknown. While some books owned by Patrick are listed in Catalogue of Drummond Castle printed in 1912, a number of his other books were at some point dispersed.

Surviving volumes from his library include:

Nicole Gilles Annales et chroniques de France... (Paris, 1553), inscribed and "Patrik Lord Drummond 1582", and previously owned by his mother Lilias (National Library Wales PRINTLC b53 P3 (1F)).

Theodore Beza’s Confessio Christianae fidei (Geneva, 1587) (Aberdeen University pi 2384 Bez 2)

A work on astrology by Antoine Mizauld Ephemerides aeris perpetuae… (1554) inscribed "Patrik Lord Drumond 1596 zereis" (NLS RB.s.1238)

Examples of books owned by him in the Catalogue of Drummond Castle are:

Pierre de la Primaudaye’s L'Academie Française (Paris, 1598)

The French Franciscan Friar, André Thevet’s account of his travels in South America Les singularitez de la France antarctique, autrement nommée Amérique (Paris, 1557)

Characteristic Markings

Books identified as his are inscribed “Patrik Lord Drumond”

His copy of L'Academie Française has “P L D” stamped on the side

Inscription of Patrick Drummond (NLS RB.s.1238)


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