Nicholas Lloyd 1630?-1680

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Nicholas LLOYD 1630?-1680

Biographical Note

Born at Wonston, near Winchester, son of George Lloyd, Rector of Wonston. Matriculated at Hart Hall 1652, moved to Wadham 1653; BA 1656, MA 1658. Based in Wadham for much of his life, where he held a number of college and university offices, including university rhetoric reader and sub-warden. Rector of St Martin Carfax, Oxford 1665-70; chaplain to Walter Blandford, Bishop of Oxford and subsequently Worcester, 1665; Rector of Newington Butts, Surrey 1673. He was a close friend of the Oxford antiquary Anthony Wood. Acknowledged by his contemporaries as modest but thorough scholar, he published a revised and enlarged edition of Charles Estienne’s Dictionarium historicum, geographicum, poeticum in 1670 (Wing E3347A; 2nd revised edition published posthumously 1686, Wing E3349).


Lloyd’s library was auctioned in London by John Dunmore, 4 July 1681. The sale catalogue lists 1088 lots plus 336 pamphlets bound in 38 vols. The books are divided: 159 Latin theology, 428 Latin philology, Latin history, etc; 18 Latin medical; and 483 English. The English books cover various subjects including theology, history, law and literature. Imprint dates range across the 17th century with some 16th-century material. Examples: Cambridge UL Y.14.25; Shrewsbury School Library I.V.36; Lambeth Palace Library Sion C10.2a/J73 (which was item 78 in the sale catalogue; see the image).

Lloyd's inscription, with price, from Lambeth Palace Library Sion C10.2a/J73, J. Jonsius, De scriptoribus historiae, 1659