Matthew Fletcher

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Biographical Note

Carver in the shipbuilding trade; appointed master carver of the Chatham and Sheerness yards in 1694, having previously been master carver at the Deptford and Woolwich yards, 1694.


The "books, paintings, prints and drawings of that ingenious gentleman, Matthew Fletcher ... late of Chatham" were sold by retail sale in London, 11.5.1715. The sale catalogue includes 185 lots under the heading "his library of books", divided by format (79 folio, 21 quarto, 85 octavo). The books include many works on history, geography and travel, books on painting and the arts, and many more general works across numerous subject areas. It also included nearly 500 lots of prints and drawings, including "Italian prints", "Books of prints"", and "Heads and other prints".


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