John Stawell 1669?-1692

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John STAWELL, 2nd Baron Stawell 1669?-1692

Biographical Note

Born at Somerton, Somerset, son of Ralph Stawell, 1st Baron, from whom he inherited the title in 1689. Matriculated at St John's College, Oxford 1683, but did not graduate.


Stawell's library was auctioned in London, 3.12.1695, 4.2.1696. The first part comprised 1905 lots, divided between Latin theology (145 lots), Latin miscellaneous (1025), books in European languages (including French and Italian) (592), and 33 "books of maps and prints". The second part, comprising primarily English books, was divided between divinity (303), history (136), miscellaneous (1029), law (259) and tracts (65).

Characteristic Markings

None of Stawell's books have been identified.


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