John Mowat 1704-1736

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John MOWAT of Balquholly 1704-1736

Biographical Note

The eldest surviving son of Patrick Mowat of Hamnavoe and Balquholly (d. 1716), he was the last laird of Balquholly whose lands he resigned in 1727.


Used an engraved bookplate:

Franks 21267 Mouat, The Martial Atchievement of John, of Balquhollie. (W. Walker Sc.)

The extent and disposition of his library is not known.

Characteristic Markings


  • Gambier Howe, E. R. J. Franks bequest: catalogue of British and American book plates bequeathed to the ... British Museum. London, 1903.
  • The Mowat Family