John Ludd d.1649

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John LUDD d.1649

Biographical Note

The Revd John Ludd was born in Canterbury and educated at the King's School there in the late sixteenth century and then at Trinity College, Cambridge (1601-2; BA 1605-6; MA 1609). He became usher (lower master) of the King's School in 1610 and was headmaster from 1615 to 1649.


The extent of Ludd's library is not known; in his will he left books to William Somner, one of his former pupils, which are now in Canterbury Cathedral Library. Examples: CCL W/E-2-21, CCL W/K-6-14, CCL W/N-3-27.

Characteristic Markings

Ludd typically signed his books ‘Jo: Ludd.’. Some have more detailed records of gifts from authors.