John Lake 1624-1689

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John LAKE 1624-1689

Biographical Note

Born in Halifax, son of Thomas Lake, yeoman. BA St John's College, Cambridge 1642, DD 1661; after serving in the royalist army he became curate of Prestwich, Lancashire, but was ejected in the 1650s. Vicar of St Botolph without Bishopsgate, London 1663, prebendary of York 1670, archdeacon of Cleveland 1680. Bishop of Sodor and Man 1682, of Bristol 1684, of Chichester 1685.


In his will, Lake ratified his former deed of gift of all his books "both greate and small" to his son William Lake, fellow of St John's College, Cambridge. The library was however auctioned in London in 1691; a catalogue survives for the first part, of Latin books, sold 27.4.1691, but none survives for "the remaining part ... of English books ... as also the appendix to the library", which was advertised in The London Gazette 30.4.1691.