John Hay 1645-1713

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John HAY, 2nd marquess of Tweeddale, 1645-1713

Hay's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection *566)

Biographical Note

The eldest son of the 1st marquess of Tweeddale, John Hay (1626–1697). He had a long involvement in public affairs and civil and military administration in Scotland where he was a member of Parliament and was for a short time in 1704–1705 lord high chancellor of Scotland. He was a firm supporter of the Act of Union and was chosen as one of the sixteen Scottish representative peers to sit in the House of Lords in the new British parliament.


Used an engraved bookplate:

Franks 14192/*566 (Hay), The Most Honourable John, Marques of Tueeddale, Earle of Gifford, Viscount Walden, Lord Hay of Tester, &c. (Probably the plate of the 2nd Marquess, who succeeded 1697 and died 1713.)

Examples: Cambridge University Library (Montaigne.1.5.2); Yale Center for British Art; Canadian Centre for Architecture (UG400 .M6 1673).