John Fairfax d.1720?

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John FAIRFAX d.1720?


Fairfax's books were sold by retail sale alongside those of an unnamed deceased gentleman, from 17 May 1720, in London. The catalogue described the sale's items as 'a very Valuable and Choice Collection of Mathematicks, Voyages, Travels, Books of Antiquity, Medals, Divinity, History, Lives, Poetry, Architecture, Civil and Canon-Law, Husbandry, Trade, &c. in English, Latin, Italian, French, and Spanish, several of 'em printed by Bob. Stephens, Aldus, Vascosan... &c'. Over 3000 volumes are listed in the catalogue, divided by format, subject and language. No distinction is made between the books of Fairfax and the unnamed gentleman. The sale was advertised in the Daily Post.


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