John Dalrymple 1673-1747

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John DALRYMPLE 2nd Earl of Stair, 1673-1747

Biographical Note

The second son of John Dalrymple, second viscount and first earl of Stair (1648–1707), and his wife, Elizabeth Dundas (d. 1731). As a result of an unfortunate childhood accident in which he shot his elder brother, he was sent to live with his grandfather Sir James Dalrymple (1619–1695) in the Netherlands where he attended Leiden University.

He had a long military and diplomatic career, including a role as aide-de-camp to the duke of Marlborough, fighting in several of the battles of the War of the Spanish Succession. He supported the accession of George I and was made ambassador to France in 1715.

After his recall in 1720 he devoted himself to agricultural improvements. Following the fall of Walpole he returned to favour and was promoted to field marshal, campaigning on the continent with Hanoverian and Austrian forces in support of Maria Theresa.


Used an engraved bookplate (Franks 7854): (Dalrymple, Earl of Stair). Use of an armorial binding stamp is also recorded.

The extent and disposition of his library is not known.