John Chamberlayne 1669-1723

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John CHAMBERLAYNE 1669-1723

Biographical Note

Son of Edward Chamberlayne, writer. John was a translator and poet. Matriculated Trinity College, Oxford 1685, but left without a degree. 1688 embarked on study of modern languages at Leiden. Elected fellow of the Royal Society 1702.


John's books were sold in London by retail sale, along with those of his father, beginning 11 March 1724. Advertisements in the Daily Courant and other newspapers described the sale as "consisting of an extraordinary collection of books in most of the European (and several other) languages, especially of Bibles... dictionaries, lexicons, and grammars, historians English and foreign, Law... husbandry and trade, voyages and travels, divinity, lives, poetry, physics, mathematics, architecture, classicks, &c. Also manuscripts of several subjects, some written on vellum finely illuminated...".