James Stuart 1693-1723

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James STUART or STEWART, 2nd Earl of Bute, 1693-1723

Biographical Note

Son of Sir James Stuart, 1st Earl of Bute (d.1710), he was born in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire. He was appointed Lord-Lieutenant of the county of Bute in 1715 and was also a Lord of the Bedchamber. From 1715 he was a Scottish Representative Peer in the British Parliament. As Lord-Lieutenant of Bute he commanded the militia of the shires of Bute and Argyll during the Rebellion of 1715.


Used an engraved bookplate (Franks 28440/28441): (Stuart), James, Earle of Bute, &c. (Geo. Paterson sculp.)

The extent and disposition of his library is not known.


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