James Adam 1732–1794

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James ADAM 1732-1794

Biographical Note

The third son of the architect William Adam (1689-1748)]], James Adam was educated at Edinburgh University, where he matriculated in the autumn of 1751. He then joined the family firm. He later worked as partner of his elder brother Robert Adam (1728-1792) in his influential architectural practice in London.

The two brothers published two volumes of their designs: Works in Architecture of Robert and James Adam (in 1773–1778 and 1779; a third volume was published posthumously, in 1822).


Used an engraved bookplate (Franks 113: Adam, James, Esqr. (Arms. Adam quartering Robertson).

The extent and disposition of his library is not known. Architectural drawings from the firm of Robert and James Adam are in Sir John Soane's Museum, London.