Henry Meux 1659/60-1709

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Henry MEUX 1659/60-1709

Biographical Note

Of Norton, Hertfordshire. BA Lincoln College, Oxford 1678, MA 1681; otherwise, little is known other than that he was curate at Woodstock, Oxfordshire (where he was buried) and also had a residence in Clerkenwell (in his will, he is described as being of the parish of St James, Clerkenwell). Members of the Meux family, presumably relations of his, went on to found a brewery in Clerkenwell in the 18th century and produce a line of baronets.


Meux’s will, which refers to the disposal of appreciable sums of money and property, has no mention of books; all the residue of his estate was left to his sister Anne Higford. His library was sold in Oxford, beginning 30 October 1710; no catalogue survives, but the sale was advertised in The Daily Courant as “choice books, most of them curiously bound ... amongst which are most of the fathers in Greek and Latin of the best editions, and many of the classick authors ... Likewise a large and valuable collection of divinity, history and poetry”.

Characteristic Markings

None of Meux's books have been identified.


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