Henry Dodwell 1641-1711

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Henry DODWELL 1641-1711

Biographical Note

Born in Dublin, son of William Dodwell, an army officer. MA Trinity College Dublin 1663, where he was much influenced by his tutor John Stearne, whose literary executor he became. He moved to London in 1674, where he lived initially with William Lloyd, Dean of Bangor, and began to publish doctrinal works. He developed a reputation as a scholar and was elected Camden professor of history at Oxford in 1688. He refused the oaths to William and Mary and was ejected as a nonjuror in 1691; he then went to live near Francis Cherry at Shottesbrooke, where he became a member of a circle of fellow nonjurors supported by Cherry. He later became reconciled to the Church of England and continued to publish extensively on theology, history, chronology and antiquarian and classical subjects; as a scholar "he was renowned for his erudition, piety and integrity, both at home and abroad" (ODNB).


Dodwell's library was auctioned in London, beginning 1 December 1730, along with the books of Isaac Ewer. It is not evident why the sale took place so long after his death; neither of his surviving sons, or his widow, died around 1730. His will has no specific mention of books, and divided most of his property around his wife and children.