Henry Brett ca.1587-1674

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Henry BRETT ca.1587-1674

Biographical Note

Son of James Brett, of Leicester. MP for Gloucester 1640-44; supported the royalist cause and compounded for his estates in 1646, paying a fine of £874. Alderman of Gloucester 1672; had an estate at Down Hatherley, north of Gloucester, as well as a house in the city.


Brett's will has no mention of books; his grandson Henry (1657-1724), son of his son George (1621-1668) who had predeceased him, was his main heir, inheriting his houses and their contents, although considerable monetary bequests were distributed around other family members. Brett is noted as a donor to the restoration of Gloucester Cathedral during the 1660s and in 1674 a number of books were given to the Cathedral by Henry Brett and his sisters, probably the grandson but presumably books from the elder Henry's library, including some incunabula and medieval manuscripts.

Characteristic Markings

"Brett's books are identifiable in that they all have the title written in bold black ink on the fore-edge" (Eward).


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