Gilbert Eliot ca.1680-1764

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Sir Gilbert ELIOT or ELLIOT or ELIOTT, 3rd baronet ca.1680-1764

Eliot's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection 9744)

Biographical Note

Son of Sir William Eliot, 2nd bart, of Stobs, Roxburghshire, from whom he inherited the title and family estates in 1699. The family had been prominent in Roxburghshire affairs and politics for several generations, and Gilbert became MP for Roxburghshire in 1708. His parliamentary career was cut short when he killed John Stewart at a dinner in 1727, when he fled abroad; he received a royal pardon soon afterwards, and then returned to his Roxburghshire estates and thereafter lived a retired life.


Eliot used an engraved armorial bookplate (Franks 9744); the extent and disposition of his library are not known.