George London d.1714

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George LONDON d.1714

Biographical Note

First known of as an apprentice to John Rose, gardener to Charles II and to members of the nobility. He spent some time in France, studying garden design there. During the late 17th century he rose to prominence as the designer of a number of new gardens, including those at Longleat, Burghley House and Dawley. He became deputy superintendent of the royal gardens in 1688 and was a major influence in shaping garden design at many English properties around the turn of the 18th century.


London's will, which indicates an extensive estate of property and goods, has no specific mention of books apart from two bequests to his daughter Henrietta Peachy, of "my fine book of the Sirunam plants in colours to which is annexed her my said daughter's drawings of plants in colours", and "the drawings of the several fruits in colours bound up in rough leather they being all formerly drawn by her". His library was sold in London by retail sale, 22 March 1714. The catalogue, which noted the collection’s strengths in husbandry and gardening as well as history and divinity, contained 750 lots, subdivided only by format (not subject); they were mostly English language books.

Characteristic Markings

None of London’s books have been identified.