George Cockburn 1712-1775

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George COCKBURN 1712-1775

Biographical Note

The youngest son of Archibald Cockburn of Ormiston (1671-1715) and Isobel Butler, he left Scotland in 1739 for Ireland, becoming a merchant in Dublin. He was a successful man of business. In 1761 he married Anne Caldwell (d. 1769), daughter of Charles Caldwell. Their only son was General Sir George Cockburn (1763-1847).


Used engraved bookplates:

  • Franks 6231: Cockburn, George, Merchant
  • Franks 6232: Cockburn, George. (The last plate reworked)
  • Franks 6233: Cockburn, George. (A different plate)

The extent and disposition of his library is not known. The Cockburn Papers are deposited at the British Library (Add MS 48312-48339).