Gabriel Goodman 1528-1601

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Gabriel GOODMAN 1528-1601

Biographical Note

Born at Ruthin, Denbighshire, son of Edward Goodman, a wealthy mercer. BA Christ's College, Cambridge 1550, MA 1553, DTh 1564. He became schoolmaster to William Cecil's household in 1554; Cecil presented him to the rectory of South Luffenham, Rutland in 1558. He was appointed a canon of the newly refounded Westminster Abbey in 1560 and became Dean there in 1561, a post he held for the rest of his life. He was sometimes thereafter recommended for episcopal posts but not appointed, partly because he was theologically conservative. He was involved in the translation of the Bishops' Bible in 1568 and in the 1570s refounded Ruthin School.


Goodman assembled a considerable library, and made extensive provision for his books in his will. Many of his relations, and specific institutions, were given particular books, and he gave many books to Ruthin School, where he directed the President and Wardens to "have a speciall care, of kepinge the librarie there". They were to maintain an inventory of books given. About 130 books of his, from Ruthin, survive and are now housed at the National Library of Wales; other books will be found elsewhere (e.g. Cambridge University Library S*.6.23(F)).

Characteristic Markings

Goodman regularly inscribed his name on the titlepages of his books, together with the motto "Gratia Dei sum quod sum".