Edward Goddard 1634-1684

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Edward GODDARD 1634-1684

Biographical Note

Member of the Goddard family; son of Francis Goddard (d.1652).


A small number of books survive with the arms of the Goddard family of Standen Hussey and Clyffe Pypard, Wiltshire. It is not clear which family member/s are involved; they were well established country gentry throughout the early modern period with medieval antecedents. There is no mention of books in the wills of either Francis or Edward. The armorial stamp has been attributed to Francis, but the imprints of the surviving books (1635-55) make a later family member equally plausible. Cambridge UL SSS.37.7 also carries an early armorial bookplate with the Goddard arms and motto but no name (Franks 12070), which may be pre-1684 or may have been made in the time of the later Francis. Other examples: National Art Library CLE Q31, W A Clark Library fPA6239.A1 1655*.


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