Cresswell Whateley

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Creswell WHATELEY d.1682

Biographical Note

Of Oxfordshire; BA Emmanuel College, Cambridge 1640. Rector of Tadmarton, near Banbury, Oxfordshire from at least 1664 until his death. Will proved in the Consistory Court at Oxford, 1682.


Whateley’s library, together with the medical library of Simon Rutland (1659-82), was auctioned in London by Edward Millington, 23 April 1683. Assuming that the layout of the catalogue (with all the medical books at the end) represents the division of the collections, Whateley’s library comprised 3186 lots, plus pamphlet volumes and bundles of stitched pamphlets: Latin theology (262), Latin miscellaneous (260), English divinity (1819), English miscellaneous (751), law (49), French, Italian, Spanish, Belgian (45).

Characteristic Markings

None of Whateley’s books have been identified.


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