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Book Owners Online is intended to be a community resource for anyone interested in what it can offer, and we welcome comments, suggestions, the pointing out of errors, offers of enhancement, and the submission of new entries.


While we hope that entries will provide helpful summaries of information, we know that many of them have scope to be expanded, by people with more detailed knowledge of particular owners and libraries. If you see value in adding information or references, and are able to summarise what should be added or corrected, we will be glad to hear from you. We also welcome the submission of new entries for book owners not currently listed in BOO.

Please submit contributions to existing entries via the Short Contribution Submission Form.

If you would like to contribute a full-length entry for an owner not already listed on the site, please fill out the Full-Length Contribution Submission Form.

If you have any photographs of identifying features you would like to contribute to existing entries, please use our Image Submission Form.

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