Benjamin Worsley

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Benjamin WORSLEY 1617/18-77

Biographical Note

Son of Francis Worsley of Kenton, Warwickshire. Admitted at Trinity College, Dublin 1643; he claimed to have graduated. he came to notice as a manufacturer of saltpetre (needed for gunpowder) in the 1640s. Surgeon-general to the army in Ireland 1647, though he was largely abroad around that time. He held several Irish administrative posts during the 1650s. After the Restoration he was in London, partly as a physician, but also involved in various commercial ventures. Secretary and treasurer of the Council of Trade and Foreign Plantations, 1672.


Worsley's library was auctioned in London, 13.5.1678. The sale catalogue includes 5282 lots, subdivided between Latin theology (868 lots), Latin miscellaneous (1813), English books (1882), Roman Catholic English (378), bundles of tracts and pamphlets (105), and 36 volumes of bound tracts.

Characteristic Markings

None of Worsley's books have been identified.