Arthur Maynwaring 1668-1712

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Arthur MAYNWARING 1668-1712

Arthur Maynwaring's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection *219)

Biographical Note

Born at Ightfield, Shropshire, son of Charles Maynwaring, landowner. Matriculated at Christ Church, Oxford 1683, but did not graduate. He subsequently studied law at the Inner Temple but also developed a literary and society career, writing political satires and plays. He was appointed a commissioner of customs in 1701, and an auditor of the imprests at the exchequer in 1705. MP for Preston 1706, for West Looe 1710. He became increasingly involved in political affairs, as a supporter of the whigs, and was secretary to Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough. He produced numerous political tracts in the years leading up to his death.


Maynwaring used an engraved armorial bookplate (Franks *219). His will has no reference to books; his property was mostly divided between the actress Anne Oldfield and their son Arthur. His library was sold in London by fixed price sale on 4 February 1713. The catalogue, which noted the quality of the books (“many of them of the large paper, several bound in Turky leather, gilt leaves”) included 606 lots, divided between Latin books (177), French (162) and English (244). There was also a small section (23) of small format Elzevir editions of the classics identified, in fine bindings.

Characteristic Markings

None of Maynwaring’s books have been identified.


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