Algernon Capel 1670-1710

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Algernon CAPEL or CAPELL, 2nd Earl of Essex 1670-1710

One of the armorial stamps of Algernon Capel (British Armorial Bindings)
The larger of Capel's two bookplates (British Museum Franks Collection *57)

Biographical Note

Son of Arthur Capel, 1st Earl of Essex, who died in disgrace as a conspirator. He was a courtier to William and Mary and had a commission as Colonel of the 4th Regiment of Dragoons.


Capel inherited his father's extensive library at the family seat at Cassiobury, near Watford, which he augmented further, though we do not know the extent of the library at the time of his death.

At least one book from his library has been identified in the Foyle Special Collections Library at King's College London: The history of that great and renowned monarchy of China (1655) FOL. DS708 SEM.

Characteristic Markings

Capel used two engraved armorial bookplates, of different sizes (Franks 5079-80/*54, *57), dated 1701. Two slightly different armorial stamps used by him are recorded in the Armorials Database.


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