Abdias Ashton 1563-1633

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Abdias ASHTON 1563-1633

Biographical Note

Son of John Ashton, Rector of Middleton, Lancashire. BA St John's College, Cambridge 1582, MA 1585, fellow 1590, BD 1592. Chaplain to the Earl of Essex; rector of Halesworth, Suffolk 1606, of Slaidburn, Yorkshire, of Middleton 1618.


Ashton bequeathed 100 marks to St John’s College, Cambridge to buy books “of the fathers or the new writers as they see fit”. This was done, and ca.100 books remain in the library there today, mostly sixteenth-century theological works, including a number of Hebrew books. We do not know the extent of his own library.

Characteristic Markings

The books purchased for St John's library were marked with a printed book label.