William Framyngham 1512-1537

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William FRAMYNGHAM 1512-1537

Biographical Note

Born in Norwich. BA Pembroke College, Cambridge 1530, scholar of Queens' College 1530, MA 1533, bursar 1534. He was said by his friend John Caius to have written numerous poems and other works, but these have all been lost.


Framyngham's probate inventory includes 108 titles, in 112 volumes, valued at £8 18s 4d (from a total estate valued at ca.£16 9s, including some musical instruments). The books are mostly in Latin, with some Greek, and include much theology alongside some classics, philosophy, and other subjects. Framyngham bequeated all his books to Caius, but they were lost sometime after Caius went to Italy in 1539. The full inventory is edited as Leedham-Green no.3 (see full citation below).