Thomas Mariet 1631-1691

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Thomas MARIET 1631-1691

Biographical Note

Son of William Mariet of Whitchurch, Warwickshire and Anne Faldoe. From his early years he was a close friend of John Aubrey who derived information for his ‘Brief Lives’ from him. Aubrey stated they were together at Trinity College, Oxford; while this is not corroborated by college records, it seems likely. He was admitted to the Inner Temple in 1648. Through marriage he acquired the manors of Preston-on-Stour and Alscott in Gloucestershire. Held offices of Justice of the Peace in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire and MP for Warwickshire 1681. Married 1.Lucy Anne Brawne; 2. Hester Leche; 3. Grace Shuckburgh.


Thomas Mariet seems the likely user of two anonymous engraved armorial bookplates in the Franks Collection (19752, 19753) which have been established as belonging to a member of the family of Mariet or Marriott of Whitchurch, Warwickshire and Alscott and Preston, Gloucestershire. The engraving was by William Faithorne.

The content and the disposition of Mariet’s library have not been established.


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