Richard Syms fl. 1703

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Richard SYMES or SYMS fl.1703


Two engraved armorial bookplates dated 1703 for ‘Richard Syms Esqr.’ are in the Franks collection: 28768; *406 (another impression)). This was re-worked as a plate dated the same year for ‘Richard Symes Esqr.’: Franks 28728; *214 (another impression); *259 (another impression).

Nothing has so far been established to allow for any reasonably confident identification of Sym(e)s. Ownership of a copy of Joseph Keble, Statutes at large (1674) (Durham University Library Bamburgh O.1.1, containing a ‘Syms’ plate) might suggest a legal background, but there is no record of him in Inns of Court entry registers.


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