Matthew Banks d.1718?

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Matthew BANKS d.1718?

Biographical Note

Although his early career and training have not been traced, references to a Matthew Banks as a master carpenter in the first half of the 17th century suggest that this man is likely to have been part of a dynasty of Banks carpenters. He was master of the Company of Carpenters in 1698, when he was also noted as master carpenter to the King, and described in the advertisement for his library sale as "master carpenter to the last four reigns".


Banks's library was auctioned in London, beginning 23 April 1719, together with that of "a gentleman of the Temple, both deceased"; no catalogue survives, but the sale was advertised in the Post Boy as "consisting of history, divinity, law, physick, mathematicks, voyages, travels, &c chiefly English, a few Greek, Latin, Italian and French". It also included "a large number of architecture books", which will surely have belonged to Banks.


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